Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Miss Fuckit


If it wasn't for a spell of unrequited love back in March 2011this website may of never been created. Little Miss Fuckit the newly titled fourth mix-tape from myself was in fact the first play-list i created in 2011. Originally entitled Take What U Will, i created  a playlist (as we began sharing music with each other before this event occurred) so that the person i was pining over could symbolically hear my inner thoughts through the art of music. I had broken off communication with the opposing party because of arrogant, self important emails she had sent to me essential rubbing it in my face that we would never be together. Even though i had tried to stay as friends-her consistent attempt of stabbing at my heart continued even after she bluntly put it i don't dig you! 

So i decided to move on and look ahead at the great road of life, persevering the memories as i felt that whatever we had previously would now be altered, awkward and essentially pointless-not because she wouldn't be my partner but things could never be the way they were previously. Essentially we would have gone our separate ways in the future in our careers & personal lives so that moment felt like the right time to call it quits. I had no intentions of releasing this mixtape yet i feel the music is enjoyable without you knowing my personal reasons for its creation. The playlist features a large portion of electronica then switches at the mid way point with some acid jazz, smooth jazz rnb, psychedelic rock & even some beautiful music played by an orchestra from one of my favorite films. This show includes:
01. Janelle Monae - Neon Gumbo (Taken from: Archandroid)
02. Four Tet - Angel Echoes (Taken from: There Is Love in You)
03. Caribou - Jamelia (Taken from: Swim)
04. Bonobo - All In Forms (Taken from: Black Sands)
05. Pantha Du Prince - A Nomads Retreat (Taken from: Black Noise)
06. Burial - Dog Shelter (Taken from: Untrue)
07. Andreya Triana - Up In Fire (Taken from: Lost Where I Belong)
08. Flying Lotus - German Haircut (Taken from: Cosmogramma)
09. Tama Impala - The Bold Arrow of Time (Taken from: Innerspeaker)
10. Beach House - Norway (Taken from: Teen Dream)
11. Radiohead - Separator (Taken from: The King of Limbs)
12. The Slovak National Orchestra - Let The Right One In (Taken from: LTR)
13. Gold Panda - You. (Taken from: Lucky Shiner)

You can download this episode on mp3 at:

Peace and lots of love

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