Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Tuesday 09th August 2011

Zephyr Sound Ft Teto Parvanov - Inside Out

Callum Thomas Brown's Zephyr Sound is a solo project residing from London (which is still burning within five minutes from my house). The musician/producer uses a variety of guest vocalists/musicians to contribute in the writing/recording process. After listening to the self-titled EP released back in June-you can truly hear the input from the guest spot's. A close friend of mine Teto Parvanov has a truly great voice and distanced for bigger & better things. After meeting randomly one evening at a film club we have some what stayed in touch ever since. Teto is a solo artist & part of two groups: Structure & As Thieves Would. 
I luckily had the chance to hear first hand, the forming of his sound & steadily intimate/personal live shows. He invests all his soul into each performance whilst obtaining the power to make each audience feel as if he was performing for them & no one else. After being informed about this new track i was over the moon to hear trip hop, chilled dreamy pop injected with his heavenly voice-truly a stand out on the EP. The groove is funky from the off, settle guitar playing & an overall euphoric, sound full of serenity-I'm happy to pass on hopefully to a wider audience this magnificent jam. 
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  2. I liked the song, thanks for posting it dude. I hope you post more of this.