Friday, July 1, 2011

Where is The King of Limbs From The Basement?

Earlier this month footage was released of Radiohead's sequel to their astonishing, intimate & raw live session of From The Basement. Many people saw the news via music blogs confirming that July 01st the show would be screened. I can confirm after a phone call to BBC audience services that: The US, Brazil and Ireland will be amongst  the first people to see The King of Limbs: From The Basement sessions. There is no confirmed UK broadcast date as of yet but it will definitely not be screened tonight on any BBC channels. They also mentioned it might be screening in the future on VH1 not the BBC so everything remains up in the air at the moment. 

After seeing the TV listings and seeing the show not being confirmed or listed by the BBC it's likely that the BBC will be distributing the programme and not screening it.-de to Wimbledon & what the BBC told me. The operator did confirm that the music blogs were wrong about today being the broadcast date, the film is now available for worldwide television companies to purchase! So you won't being seeing The King of Limbs in the UK until someone coughs up the money to screen it or most likely your being seeing TV rips on youtube when the show has been broadcasted internationally! 

I just thought considering i am a Radiohead supporter (hate the term fan, implies connotations that i personally do not associate with myself) that i would like to let all the supporters out there now exactly what i was told. I'm equally disappointed as the rest of you's people out there considering the Glastonbury set was not broadcasted either, but i guess good things comes to those who wait (so cliche) haha!

Peace and lots of love.


  1. Radiohead asked for there glastonbury performance not to be televised, so other then the fans videos on youtube there is nothing.

  2. I'm aware of this when i wrote the article, it's still sad that we are yet to see the Basement performance. The Glastonbury set was an intriguing viewing experience. Separator is my favorite from the last album but was somewhat underwhelming live :( Yet Bloom & Morning Mr Magpie worked really well!