Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mix-Tape V: The Cloud Of Unknowing


First, I'd like to apologize for not posting anything for six days. I've been extremely busy working on a podcast, personal film projects and other business. Good news! I return bearing a special gift to you all. The Cloud Of Unknowing is the fifth entry in the Reverberated Bubblegum mix-tape series. This mix is the official sequel to The First Minute Of A New Day. Whereas that mix focused on a colourful, summery, nonstop party vibe, I'd class this one as the evening session mix boasting soft, soothing numbers that still have a fast groove. It's business as usual as the mix spans a variety of genres ranging from indie, reggae, rock, electronica, minimalistic R&B and pop. 

Over the last couple of months I've been questioning why I feel so lost in the world at the moment. I tend to overthink every little aspect of my life and worry about the prospects for both the present and my future career. So if there's a theme associated with this mix, it's the feeling of pondering over what the future holds, which in itself can be a mystery just as life itself is. The artists/tracks featured in this episode are:

01. Bon Iver - Perth
02. PJ Harvey - On Battleship Hill
03. The J Sisters - Can't Give U Anything But My Love
04. When Saints Go Machine - Chestnut
05. The Underground Railroads - Ginkgo Biloba
06. Cashier No 9 - The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out
07. Destroyer - Suicide Demo For Kara Walker
08. Metronomy - The English Rivera / We Broke Free
09. Harvey Presents Locussolus - Little Boots
10. Frank Zappa - Tell Me U Love Me
11. James Mathé - Stacks
12. Joe Hisaishi - Solitude
 Feel free to download this episode at:
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