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When I'm not devoting most of my time to moving images-my second favorite art form in the world is the sound of music (pardon the pun). Music for me is an extension of our personalities. We live in an age where you are judged on who you listen to. This is where my concern lies: Just as with other art forms-stereotypes are created to effectively segregate people into groups. This is where my one of many issues of have with the world i live in. I hope this blog connects all music lovers from around the world together in harmony. Every two weeks of each month, i will produce sixty minute mixes that combine various music genres together in one self-contained package.

I would first like to thank Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop) for introducing me to a diverse spectrum of new music-without some of his recommendations this blog would not be possible. Another aim is to showcase introduce whoever checks this site out to some of the most interesting artists currently producing new music. On the other hand i will dedicate the other half to classics, oddities, specific artists or genres. So i welcome you to this colorful universe of Reverberated Bubblegum. This week's flavor is FLUORESCENT FORLORN!

fluorescent |ˌfloŏ(ə)ˈresənt; flôrˈesənt|
(of a substance) having or showing fluorescence : a fluorescent dye.
• containing a fluorescent tube : fluorescent lighting.
• vividly colorful : a fluorescent T-shirt.
forlorn |fərˈlôrn; fôr-|
1.pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely : forlorn figures at bus stops.
2.(of an aim or endeavor) unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled; hopeless : a forlorn attempt to escape.

JAMS 4 This Week:
  1. Glass Deers - The Braids (Taken From: Native Speaker)
  2. Pororoca - Colourmagic (Taken From: My _____ is pink
  3. Rich Kids Blues - Lykke Li (Taken From: Wounded Rhymes)
  4. Love Won't Be Leaving - Anna Calvi (Taken from: Anna Calvi)
  5. Sinking Friendships - Jonsi (Taken From: Go)
  6. Saint Christopher - Bibio (Taken From: Mind Bokeh)
  7. Still Sound - Toro Y Moi (Taken From: Underneath The Pine)
  8. After The Moment - Craft Spells (Taken From: Idle Labor)
  9. Giving It All Away - Singing Adams (Taken From: Everybody Friends Now)
  10. Coming Down - The Weeknd (Taken From: House of Balloons)
  11. Balance Her In Between Your Eyes - Nicolas Jarr (Taken From: Space is Just Noise)
  12. Breakdown - Altar Eagle (Taken From: Mechanical Gardens)

Please feel free to download this episode at:

Also check out the magnificent site The Needle Drop at:

Peace and lots of love my colorful hippies;

Tim Porter

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