Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bonus Jam of Tha Evening: Sunday 10th July 2011

Tonight down in Belgium Prince is concluding a three night stand at The North Sea Jazz Fest. A little bonus for Sunday & to coincide with the event i thought you could all jam to this funk workout this evening. Taken from in my opinion his second best concert era ever, the one night alone experience was Prince playing no hits but oddities & new cuts from his album The Rainbow Children. Fans (who signed up to his site The NPG Music Club) were given access to near three hour soundchecks (where he actually interacted, talked & chilled with his fans prior to the mainshow), the near three hour mainshow was then followed by an aftershow which once again went on till the sunrise the very next day. Sadly i wasn't a Prince fan back then so i missed the experience but hopefully this blog will turn you into one after these cuts are introduced to yours eyes and ears. Taken from the Las Vegas (okish DVD) which is heavily incomplete & does not document the actual vibe of this experience like the 3CD live album did. Anyways dig on these: 1+1+1 is 3/Love Rollercoaster & Housequake twelve minute workout before finishing with an extended blues number with epic guitar solos called:The Ride. 
1+1+1 is 3/Love Rollercoaster & Housequake:


Enjoy !

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