Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Saturday 02nd July 2011

Anna Calvi - First We Kiss

Anna Calvi recently took Glastonbury by storm, boasting a phenomenal awe-inspiring spectacle of virtuoso guitar playing. Her serious, haunting & at times truly unnerving evokes Piaf but without ever feeling like a musician who carries her influences on her shelves. Her passion for the sound of classic rock n roll from Elvis to Hendrix (who in a recent interview with NME states as her biggest influence figure who aspired her to play the guitar) travels through the atmospheric, dark sounds of her fantastic self-titled debut album. Clearly a musician who disregards fame & money-judging purely on the live performances & interviews i've seen, you can clearly hear and see when she sings & plays her guitar that she makes music for herself. To think she claims she doesn't like her voice! In an age where auto tune is overused and destroys any feeling of the genuineness and presents lack of any emotions for the listener, when you hear Anna sing you know this it's a genuine take and a genuine emotion that drives the track along! A true inspirational figure and a musician to watch over the coming years, Today's jam is First we Kiss from one of the best artists of 2011! 


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