Monday, August 8, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day/Evening: Monday 08th August 2011

LoOmis - Slow Burner & Talk Like Whales

After stumbling through my email's this weekend-i was most intrigued by one from a gentleman from San Francisco. LoOmis, not to be associated with the doctor in John Carpenter's Halloween specializes in: low-fi, hazy samples, touches of electronica and swirls of psychedelia. Evoking the sounds of Washed Out & Memory Tapes, LoOmis while manipulating samples, creating loops and adding vocals with layers of math-rock influenced guitar work still manages to create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Slow Burner hit instantly hit a chord with me from the very first listen. Just like with Cults debut lp, the beats wouldn't be out of place with most classic hiphop beats. I can imagine someone like: Mos Def, 2PAC or Common emotional pouring all the souls into a beat like this.

LoOmis doesn't suffer like Washed Out music where the vocals are buried in a haze of reverberated noise, where you can no longer establish what he is saying. Patrick Bailey equally balances & never allows an instrument or vocal to overpower the other elements. He creates musical harmony whilst remaining melancholic overtones. I have commend LoOmis for creating an EP which spoke volumes, promising amazing things for the future & which doesn't wear off after initial listens.

Vellocet marks his third release of the year. Following the full length A Solitary Attraction and EP A Dog & His Boy, Vellocet was crafted during the early summer months of 2011 so i'm hopefully for more releases later in the year. If i had a beef with the EP: I wish it was more longer or conceived as a LP as it's ridiculously good.

You can LISTEN TO 'VELLOCET' VIA SOUNDCLOUD ----> HERE  & download @

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