Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Thursday 12th May 2011

Depressed Children: The Wolves

This side track project from Avery Brooks (not to be confused with the Star Trek dude) was one of the great finds of last year for me. The keyboardist from Ravens & Chimes (who i'm not too familiar with) showcases a delicious merging of new wave and dark electro sound that is both funky, haunting and at times moving. The much unacknowledged debut album-which is a very tough find on the net is a great debut and i urge you all to check out tracks like: Our Fallen Cities, Shooting Stars, Sweet Medicine and Your Eyes as these are all stand out tracks. I've selected the track The Wolves as it combines all the elements from the album in easily one of the most accessible tracks on the album other than Fallen Cities. Plus i love the juxtaposition of the band's name and how joyful the music can be-nice touch Avery.

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