Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Tuesday 10th May 2011

Radiohead - Supercollider

Yesterday i received a special gift from Thom Yorke and the boys-well not really i just received my newspaper album for the King of the Limbs-which i haven't undone yet so i can't give you my verdict on the package. My opinion on that album still is an underwhelming but a great continuation of the band reassessing past sounds and progressing into a different area. Track 5-8 on that album are just perfect, still have issues getting into the first side but I've grown to appreciate side A more recently. Personally for me Thom's recent collaboration with Four Tet & Burial surpass the majority of tracks on the aforementioned album-but the two tracks released for record day are beautiful pieces of music that could of fit on Limbs-but i understand that the album's tone sightly may of been altered-especially on The Butcher which is a hauntingly dark track. As much as I've grown to like Butcher i ultimately prefer Supercollider. Get ready to enter a sound-scape that blossoms with minimalism that quietly soothes you into a state of relaxation.

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