Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jams Of Tha Day: Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th June 2011

Is Tropical: The Greeks

Boasting one of the funniest, disturbing & coolest promo's of the year, Is Tropical's jam The Greeks is a future dance-floor classic in the making. The combination of up tempoed funk juxtaposed with john woo inspired epic gun battles of children role playing is quick frankly genius. Just remember no children were actually killed in the making of the video and you should enjoy it. If the violent promo isn't up your alley-I've kindly posted the song without the imagery for those who might be disturbed.

Video Promo:

The Song On It's Own:

PJ Harvey: All & Everyone

This hypnotic track from her latest album Let England Shake is a multi layered piece of calming guitar driven bliss. However beautifully relaxing the track is, it's juxtaposed with war imagery producing a beautifully chilling atmosphere. This track is one of my favorite off of that album-worse thing is we have to wait a supposed ten years for the follow up-i'll believe that when i see it!

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