Friday, July 22, 2011

Jam of Tha Day: Friday 22nd July 2011

Washed Out - A Dedication

I first became a fan of Ernest Greene's work after hearing the fabulous EP: Life is Leisure. The EP was a perfect combination of dream pop/shoe gaze/"CHILLWAVE" but felt timeless, beautiful, funky & most importantly urged the listener to keep coming back for more. It was short, sweet & delicious but the new LP: Within & Without seemed (in my opinion) to replace it's ingredients/winning formula. The album starts of well with three stunning jams. Eyes Be Closed, Echoes & Amor Feti are what you had to grown to love on Life of Leisure but more refined. Sadly after the opening three tracks the grooves stop! There is no memorable melodies or choruses resulting in an entire middle half of the LP sounding repetitive, unmemorable & underwhelming. The album somewhat gets back to the heights of the beginning with Within & Without plus today's jam: A Dedication. 

The problem with the middle section is that it all sounds the same! It's refreshing to hear just a piano, his voice & a nice slow crescendo into a beautifully paced slow jam. I think the main issue is: Life of Leisure was focused, had a sound/theme and ran with it. A collection of songs which would be acceptable or great on their own when put together like on this album just doesn't quite work. Anyways enjoy one of the best songs right here, right now. :)

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