Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Thursday 14th July 2011

Colour Me Wednesday - Unicorm in Uniform

Today i thought I'd do something a little different. On my course at my university there are an array of talented individuals as one would expect. I'm lucky enough to have one half of the fabulous ska, infused pop/rock group Colour Me Wednesday sit classes with me. Although we very rarely say more than just hello we both occasionally meet in the middle & converse about music. Interestingly the group will be one of  many acts participating in a music festival presented by Reverberated Bubblegum this September. I'm really excited to see Colour Me Wednesday turn on the funk this live, plus i want to introduce audiences here & at the show to their fabulous music. The band are currently working on new music but i feel Unicorn in Uniform is a great song to gather new fans. Sorry for the rushed, unthoughtful of this post. I'll let the music take for itself :) 

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