Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mixtape VIII: Psychotropic Kaleidoscope

BE WARNED: This file may have an altering effect on perception, emotion, or behavior to whomever listen's to it.

Back in November 6th 2009, an unknown, unidentified signal was broadcasted on Smoke Radio weekly between 7-8pm. Only a selected number of students were part of what was codename: Psych-er-funker-delic between it's two month stench on air. Authorities finally identified that their satellites had somehow stumbled across a broadcast from a new universe called: Tha Purple Universe. The satellites amended the issue & Smoke Radio ceased the problem before it became contagious. Reverberated Bubblegum however has unearthed a file name called: Psychotropic Kaleidoscope

This marks the eighth mix-tape in the Reverberated Bubblegum series. As with my old radio show it's a combination of: Psychedelic, Electronic, Funk, Jazz Fusion & pretty much everything else. To experience it please visit: & it will be available on the site from tomorrow for streaming.

P.S. here are the track-listing:
  1. The Time & Space Machine - Odyssey
  2. Emphasis - Gargantua
  3. Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - L.I.V.E.
  4. Twin Shadow - I Can't Wait
  5. Rudi Zygadlo - Filthy Logic
  6. Husky Rescue - Caravan
  7. Glasser - Treasure of We
  8. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Warrior
  9. The Horrors - Endless Blue
  10. Plants & Animals - Mama & Papa
  11. Oh No Ono - Helplessly Young
  12. Martina Topley Bird - Shangri La
  13. Oumou Sangare - Senkele te sira
Peace and lots of love :)

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