Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jams Of Tha Day: Sunday 29th May 2011


On May 27th 2011 the music world lost one of the most influential artists of his generation. Gil Scott Heron wasn't just a wonderful soul singer but he was crucial in the development of Hiphop-as well as being a talented poet who used his voice to create political awareness. I was counting down till the day Heron would return to London to see the masterful lyricist and singer at work-sadly at the age of 62 his life came to an end. Although each life is short and temporary, what we do in our lifespan can be acknowledged and appreciated for present & future generations to come-Mister Heron's work will live on forever! Today i have chosen to dedicate his work for new and old fans to celebrate the legend's work. We miss you already!

Pieces of a Man:

H20 Blues:

Winter In America: 

I'm New Here: 
I'll Take Care of U (Jamie XX) 


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