Sunday, August 7, 2011


Dedicated to Amy Winehouse & The Fallen In Norway. 

After a long absence & a lot of personal battles/turmoil, Wednesday marks the release of my next mix-tape entitled: Serenity. Not to be confused with the movie adaptation of Firefly, this collection of fourteen jam's were selected in light of recent events such as: The death of over seventy teenagers in Norway & the sad passing of Amy Winehouse (which this episode is dedicated to both of them). I hope that this mix takes the listeners mind off of the monstrous, dystopian nature of current events on this planet of ours. In the words of Funkadelic i hope your be able to: Free yo' mind & yo' ass will follow.
  1. Mara Carlyle - How it felt (to kiss you)
  2. Laki Mera - Fingertips
  3. Vetiver - Hard to Break
  4. Florence Joelle's Ring of Fire - Watermelon Gin
  5. Sade - Morning Bird
  6. Classic Funk - Hard Times
  7. Thunderbird - White Bird Come Down
  8. Miles Davis - Godchild
  9. Alicia Keys - Samsonite Man
  10. Air - Ce Matin La
  11. Fink - Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
  12. TV On The Radio - Keep Your Heart
  13. Santana - Song of the Wind
  14. Bloodstone - Natural High

The download link is:  & will be streamed from 9pm this evening on this site. Sorry for the long delay, the bubblegum will now resume it's original programming.

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