Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day: Tuesday 14th June 2011

Jamie XX - Far Nearer

Surely one of the busiest producer's & artists of the moment, Jamie XX (the guy behind the success of The XX) recently released a limited vinyl pressing of two new cuts. The track representing this Tuesday shows the progression of Jamie's work since working on XX & the really groovy remix album of the recently deceased legend that is Gil Scott Heron's We're New Here. Whilst Beat For sounds like a combination of various sounds and ideas of his previous work it almost sounds like Burial. Yet in my opinion the lead track on this new single is Far Nearer is truly stunning. It's steel drum-driven rhythm merging beautifully with the pitch bent and re-interpreted vocal phrase "I Feel Better When I Have You Near Me" just produces a new level of epicness. This guy is truly one of my favorite artists of the moment & I certainly hope he continues with producing such awesome material + i look forward to XX 2 ? 

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