Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jam Of Tha Day - Saturday 09th & Sunday 10th July 2011

  1. Fink - Perfect Darkness  
  2. Vetiver - Can't U Tell

Excuses Excuses i hear you scream! I'm currently very busy researching for my next short film so future post's maybe a couple of days late. 

Saturday 09th July 2011: 
Fink is seriously underrated as a musician in this country. Down tempo RNB has never been so smoother with his fourth LP entitled Perfect Darkness. The organic, raw sounding LP showcases (just like Andreya Triana who both featured on Bonobo's output) a mature, timeless sound which both sounds nostalgic & refreshingly contemporary. The title track is a near seven minute, sweet jam boasting beautiful acoustic guitar playing, settle strings & funky bass playing. It's truly something which purposely feels underwhelming on first listening but after repeat listens all its elements seen to overwhelm!

Sunday 10th July 2011: 

San Francisco's Vetiver fifth LP contains their most uncompromisingly, colorful pop songs to date. The Errant Charm boasts multi layered, sometimes hazy, always funky & memorable grooves which are perfect music for the indecisive summer. Whether or not the sun is out everyday, when listening to this you will feel that summer is truly alive and well. Can't U Tell is a great example of the beauty that runs through this album!

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