Friday, July 8, 2011

Jam of Tha Day: Wednesday - Friday 08th July 2011

  1.  Frank Zappa - Watermelon in Easter Hay
  2. Toro Y Moi - Divina
  3. Nicolas Jarr - Space is Only Noise

I'm extremely sorry to regular user's of the site that have been awaiting the next jam's, i was on a Final Cut Pro course & went to see Memory Tapes (which i shall be uploading my review of both the new album and gig at XOYO later today) so as you can see i was unavailable for the duration of those days.  

Wednesday's Jam: 
To conclude this mini series of jam's dedicated to some of my favorite artists & songs from the past, it's only fair to conclude with perhaps one of the best performances ever by Frank Zappa. The Barcelona 1988 concert rendition of Watermelon in Easter Hay in my opinion is more beautifully played, focused & less self-indulgent than the album version. Many critics have documented the 30+ years of composer, film director, guitarist & producer's career so i'll simply let Zappa's guitar playing speak for it's self. 

Thursday's Jam: 

Toro Y Moi was typecasted under the new formed sub-genre called Chillwave back in 2009 with artists such as: Washed Out, Memory Tapes & Neon Indian. Just like Memory Tapes, Toro has since abandoned those sounds and has matured into producing more focused works. Underneath The Pine feels like a lost 70's groove album which was shelved for unknown circumstances, yet for me Divina is the best & a more tranquil moment on the album. Offering a beatles-esque opening (which vaguely sounds like an electro version of Hey Jude) before its blossoms into a head thumping, lush beat & combining synth's and piano to form a heavenly sound. This is perfect bedroom music (which sadly is too short to actually last the duration of the act itself). Still for what it is it's beautiful while it lasted.

Friday's Jam:

Nicolas Jarr's debut album is a multi layered, sound scape which boasts hundreds of complex beats. The title track is a total electro funk workout. It's very different to describe how much work & the various sounds that has gone into creating the music so listen for yourself & be transported into space!    


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