Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jam Of Tha Evening: Saturday 16th July 2011

The Horrors - Moving Further Away

This for me was easily the best thing off The Horrors latest LP. I'll openly admit I'm not familiar with their work, I'm more into the Cat's Eyes project as that was bold, ambitious & refreshing. On first listen-yes there is some really tight grooves but it felt very underwhelming. I have been informed this album is nothing like their previous work. Judging purely on this album, the band sound no different to countless over bands out there. Anyways Moving Further Away is a blistering near 9 minute journey of epic, inspiration proportions. A truly great, memorable melody & riff with some great progressive evolution into a fulfilling climax. The vocals are audible whereas in other tracks on the LP there is no variation & simply gets lost a midst the noise of the instrumentation. Regardless on how i feel on first listen, i will undoubtedly have to revisit this album at some point.

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